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Variety: Castillo / Tabi 

Origin: Fresno, Tolima, Colombia

Process: Washed

Flavour: Bright / Sharp / Juicy / Complex

Aroma: Notes of raspberry tart / Cherry and orange / Dark chocolate undertones

Acidity: Controlled / Tartaric / Phosphoric

SCA Cupping Score: 86,75

Elevation (metres): 1450


After working for many years with the Colombian Federation of Coffee growers, the Ceballos Family focused their  knowledge, experience and know-how in creating Fresno Mountain Coffee, a coffee they would be proud of.


In their plantation, located in northern Tolima, on the fertile hillsides of the Ruiz snow-covered volcano, coffee plants grow under the shade of native trees and abundant rain fall. These elements enhance the complexities of the aroma and flavour of this delicious coffee, which is produced following the highest social and environmental standards.


Discover and fall in love with this outstanding coffee, brought to you directly from the land of the volcano.


Fresno Cafe Mountain is imported into the UK exclusively by From-Am Ltd.

Fresno Mountain Coffee

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