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SCA Cupping Score

Guaranteed authenticity and quality

What is specialty coffee?


Specialty Coffee refers to the highest grade of coffee available. Its quality is far higher than what the Industry refers to as Commodity/Production coffee, which is normally found through established multi-national coffee chains and supermarkets, and in blends and instant coffee. Only about a 3% of annual world production is Speciality coffee.


To achieve Specialty Coffee grading, a strict control throughout the entire production process is required, from farming to brewing.


Specialty coffee normally comes from small plantations often located in micro climates, from where only the best tasting beans produced are selected. Single origin, Traceability and Variety are indicators of high quality coffee.


The challenges involved in keeping the quality of the product, are reflected in a higher market price.

According to Annette Moldvaer, in her book Coffee Obsession, “cheap coffee is never high quality coffee”.


According to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), the coffee must score over 80 points in a 100-point Coffee Review Scale, to be considered “Specialty”.


At From-Am Ltd, we only source the best Specialty Coffee from Colombia scoring 83 or more.  Organic, sustainable, single origin, 100% traceable and traded fairly.

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Coffee anyone?

Simple Coffee Scoring guide

< 80: Below Quality - No Specialty

80 - 84.99: Very Good - Specialty

85 - 89.99: Excellent - Specialty

90 - 100: Outstanding - Specialty

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