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About Us

About Us - Speciality Coffee
About Us - Mezcal

From-Am is born from the idea of bringing high quality products from small producers to a wider audience.

Behind each of the brands at From-Am Ltd, there is a family business who is following their passion of creating a great product. This shared family dedication is translated into an uncompromising effort that chooses quality over profit. 

No clever marketing, no fancy branding, just a genuine premium product, from the hands of the producer directly to you.

Our Specialty Coffee
Coming from a country blessed with an unimaginable bio-diversity, variety of climates and soils, Colombian coffee has always been regarded as one of the best.


We only select specialty coffee grown in micro-plantations, where every step of the production process is carefully monitored by the farmers. 

​This meticulous care ensures that only the best beans will make it to your cup.

Discover new fragrances, aromas and flavours as you follow the Andes, from the hills of the Sierra Nevada, crossing the country through Santander, Quindío, Cundinamarca, Huila, down to Nariño in the south west.

'Specialty Coffee' refers to the highest grade of coffee available. Its quality is far higher than what the Industry refers to as Regular Coffee, which is normally found through established multi-national coffee chains. Only about a 3% of annual world production is Speciality Coffee. 

Single origin, Traceability and Variety are indicators of high quality coffee.

At From-Am Ltd, we only source the best Specialty Coffee from Colombia. Organic, sustainable, single origin, 100% traceable and traded directly.


Read more about Specialty Coffee and SCA scores.


Mezcal Don Galo

The Mexican state of Oaxaca, is the land of origin of Mezcal.  And it is in the town of San Juan del Rio, where mezcalero master Galindo Morales, known by everyone in town as Don Galo, created the premium mezcal that carries his name.

Don Galo left this legacy to his mezcalero masters, faithful friends whom he considered as

his family, who have continued with the same passion as their ancestors contributing to the legend of this outstanding mezcal.

Today, 50 years after, Mezcal Don Galo is still produced using the same techniques that have been passed down generations and that keep the spirit of his creator, Don Galo, alive.

Multi-award winning Mezcal Don Galo is an ode to time, because it is time that decides when the mezcal is ready and worthy to be called Don Galo.  This might take longer than it takes to others, but that is ok with us, because Mezcal Don Galo strives towards perfection, and we know perfection takes time.

Mezcal Don Galo is produced using 100% sustainable agave and using certified Organic methods.

Contact us to talk about wholesale opportunities.

Find out more about Don Galo.

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