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Sometimes, the best things happen by chance, when life gives us those little surprises.

It was by chance, during a typical late autumn evening in London, that I came to meet my now friend, Emmanuel.

Although Emmanuel was just passing by on his way back home to Mexico, we had enough time to share a few drinks at one of my favourite places in London: Milroy's of Soho.

Amid the typical latin-american football banter, encouraged by the generous flow of exceptional tipples suggested by the in-house head mixologist, Jack, we also had time to find the solution to all the world's problems while discussing the legitimacy of Lucha Libre as a sport.

But it was the story about his family business, a tradition that has been kept alive for four generations, that captivated me. The story behind Mezcal Don Galo.

To get to know how real artisan mezcal is made was just fascinating. A mixture of knowledge, patience and care and respect for the maguey and the land.

At that time, From-Am was just a dream, and I knew that if I was to offer any mezcal, it would have to be Don Galo.

And then, it was turf-out time, so we were given our heavy coats and our heavy bill.

After wishing Emmanuel a safe flight home and rushing to the Underground before the last tube home was gone, I thought how London is a bit like mezcal: complex with lots of character and smokey notes. I definitely needed to get home.

And this is how I came to know Mezcal Don Galo; just like the best things in life happen: by chance.

It was during a visit to a small independent coffee shop in bustling Bogota in May 2019, that I decided I really wanted to be able to share a passion of my country with people back home in the UK - the amazing taste of Colombian specialty coffee.

One can only be captivated by the people and stories behind these delicious brews; from the humble growers hand-picking ripe cherries in the plantations criss-crossing Colombian hills, to the baristas with big smiles who love to share their knowledge

I soon realised that I didn't know as much about coffee as I thought I did! Something that came as a surprise after being born and raised in Colombia. There are so many fascinating things to learn... and knowledge is better when you share it.

So, I gave myself a little mission: To spread the word about Colombian specialty coffee and show the world, one cup at a time, that there is a superb alternative to their usual roast waiting to be discovered.

As you may know, starting a new venture is not an easy feat. Having spent most of my life working to realise other people's dreams, I decided it was time to bring my own to life. It's taken a lot of effort and commitment, so far - but it feels great!

And then top quality Mezcal joined the family of products I feel I really need to share with you! But that's a story for another blog post...

Nos vemos pronto! (see you soon)


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