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A time for new discoveries

It was during a visit to a small independent coffee shop in bustling Bogota in May 2019, that I decided I really wanted to be able to share a passion of my country with people back home in the UK - the amazing taste of Colombian specialty coffee.

One can only be captivated by the people and stories behind these delicious brews; from the humble growers hand-picking ripe cherries in the plantations criss-crossing Colombian hills, to the baristas with big smiles who love to share their knowledge

I soon realised that I didn't know as much about coffee as I thought I did! Something that came as a surprise after being born and raised in Colombia. There are so many fascinating things to learn... and knowledge is better when you share it.

So, I gave myself a little mission: To spread the word about Colombian specialty coffee and show the world, one cup at a time, that there is a superb alternative to their usual roast waiting to be discovered.

As you may know, starting a new venture is not an easy feat. Having spent most of my life working to realise other people's dreams, I decided it was time to bring my own to life. It's taken a lot of effort and commitment, so far - but it feels great!

And then top quality Mezcal joined the family of products I feel I really need to share with you! But that's a story for another blog post...

Nos vemos pronto! (see you soon)



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