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Variety: Pink Bourbon

Origin: Pie de Monte Llanero (La Macarena), Meta, Colombia

Process: Washed

Flavour: Sweet Orange and Honey

Aroma: Orange Blossoms

Acidity: Medium citric

SCA Cupping Score: 89

Elevation (metres): 1350


Coro Cora cafe, is based on the hills that over look the vast Colombian East plain lands, extending all the way to the border with Venezuela.  With a mild temperature all year round and drenched with bright sun and abundant water, this paradisiac area of Colombia is known for its fertile lands.

Our friends in Granada, Meta created Coro Cora café with the aim of sharing this love for coffee and nature, and to spread the knowledge and research that is involved in the production of this premium product.

Coro Cora cafe aims are not only to produce superb quality exotic coffees, but also to focus on  training and education of younger generations that will carry the flag and the love for specialty Colombian coffee in the near future.


Now, the coffee: This delicate coffee is a feast for the senses.  Created as a hybrid between red and yellow bourbon varieties, Coro Cora's Pink Bourbon Exotic will fill your nose with delicious sweet orange blossom aromas and a lingering sweet orange and honey flavours.

Coro Cora Exotic is better enjoyed using filtered or infused methods.


A real treat for the coffee enthusiats!


Coro Cora Coffee  is imported and distributed in the UK by From-Am Ltd, exclusively. 


Not available with any subscription plan.

Coro Cora Exotic - Premium

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