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Variety: Colombia / Caturra

Origin: Cachipay, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Process: Washed, Whisky/ Rum Casks Ageing.

Flavour: White wine, Cider, Floral

Aroma: Brandy, Cherry, berries

Acidity: Medium and controlled citric

SCA Cupping Score: 86

Elevation (metres): 1500


Another outstading coffee from Las Margaritas plantation, but this one is a bit more special.

When the beans have dried after fermentation, the Cachipay Cask Aged coffee is left to rest in Rum and bourbon whisky casks, giving it sublime notes of cherries, berries and brandy.

Without any addition of alcohol, this process brings you a completely new tasting sensation.

We are pretty sure you have never tried anything like this before. Perfect as an after-lunch reinvigorating coffee.
Another real treat for the coffee enthusiast from our Exotic & Experimental selections.

Cafe Cachipay Cask Aged is imported and distributed in the UK by From-Am Ltd, exclusively.

Cachipay Cask Aged - Premium

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