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Variety: Castillo Rosario

Origin: Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Process: Honey

Flavour: Chocolate notes, sweet molasses

Aroma: Vanilla/Walnuts

Acidity: Medium to Low

SCA Cupping Score: 86

Elevation (metres): 1400


From the heart of the "Coffee axis" in Risaralda, Colombia, we bring you the delicious Honey Special by Taza Colombiana.


Taza Colombiana's owner, Don Gustavo Rincon, is the 3rd generation of coffee growers.

With a kind heart and a wealth of knowledge, don Gustavo is at the front of a local program that works with small coffee farmers by helping them develop their skills, implement eco-friendly agriculture techniques, sustainability, environment recovery and protection and economic growth.

We believe that by investing in people, the result will be a coffee that not only tastes great but feels great too.


Get your hands around a warm cup of coffee filled with vanilla and walnut aromas and silky chocolate flavour. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Taza Colombiana's Honey Special is imported and distributed in the UK by From-Am Ltd, exclusively.

Honey Special

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