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Variety: Gesha


Origin: Silvania, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Flavour: Sweet soft / Delicate molasses / Complex citric / Herbal / Grains

Process: Washed

Aroma: Sweet molasses / Aromatic citric / Rich and complex

Acidity: Fruity citric, bright malic, Medium to high

SCA Cupping Score: 91,25

Elevation (metres): 1700


Located within the influence zone of the Sumapaz moors and immersed in an exceptional 
ecological niche, La Magdalena plantation gives its name to this delicate and exquisite coffee. 

Protected by exuberant native vegetation, La Magdalena coffee crops are grown using organic techniques, with no impact on the environment, allowing the beans to mature slowly
and naturally; the first step to produce a superb drink.

This harmony with the surrounding nature is found in the characteristics of each cup: 
Sweet notes of honey and juicy fruits, with an intense aroma and medium body and acidity.

La Magdalena Gesha and Magdalena Typica varieties are exclusively imported and distributed in the UK by From-Am Ltd.


Not available with any subscription plan.

La Magdalena - Gesha - Premium

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