Variety: Castillo

Origin: Albania, Santander, Colombia

Process: Washed

Flavour: Sweet, smooth dry, green herbs

Aroma: Sweet molasses / Caramel / Chocolate / Dry fruits / Grains

Acidity: Medium to low

SCA Cupping Score: 84,25

Elevation (metres): 1550


"Vergel" is a word that means “orchard or garden with great variety of flowers and fruit trees”, and it is among these, where El Vergel Cafetero coffee grows.


Their farm “La Plata” is located in the Santander region, where a misty micro-climate surrounded by native groves, hilly landscapes and spring water, create the perfect conditions for an excellent coffee.


El Vergel coffee is produced by a family that has been dedicated to coffee growing for generations and in the present, under a female management, their aim is not only to produce top-quality specialty coffee, but also to empower the women of the region by developing their coffee-growing related skills.


Furthermore, the “La Plata” farm is about to be declared a Natural Reserve that will become a safe haven for native and migratory birds. Another laudable project by itself.


El Vergel Cafetero coffee is imported to the UK by From-Am Ltd, exclusively.

El Vergel