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Variety: Arabica Typica

Origin: Sierra Nevada (Magdalena) , Guajira

Process: Washed

Flavour: Fruity / Sweet / Citric

Acidity: Medium to Low

SCA Cupping Score: 85

Elevation: 1000-1700


A truly special coffee made by a truly special community.


For thousands of years, the Arhuaco people have lived in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia; the world's highest snow mountain range by the sea, in a place they regard as "The Heart of the World", a Unesco designated Biosphere reserve. 


This organically grown specialty coffee is the fruit of their unique respect and understanding of Nature; knowledge that has been passed down for generations, through the spiritual guide of their Mamos.


The commercialization of this coffee helps the Arhuaco people stand in their resolve to keep their way of life. Deforestation, climate change, expansive agriculture and other more sinister threats, add to the Arhuacos' constant struggle.


Taste today this spiritually grown coffee, brought to you directly from the Heart of the World.


Asoarhuaco Cafe is imported to the UK exclusively by From-Am Ltd.

Iku - Asoarhuaco

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