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Variety: Castillo

Origin: Garzon, Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed

Flavour: Honey / Almonds / Cinnamon

Aroma: Dried fruits

Acidity: Bright, citric

SCA Cupping Score: 85

Elevation (metres): 1600


Based in the Huila region,  Oscar and Andres Hermandez, have turned a family project into a community venture.  Combining local know-how with professional techniques,  neighbouring families and friends co-operate and  benefit from the production of this specialty coffee.


Produced using only organic methods, this coffee is fruit of the clay soil, floral richness and pure water that abounds in the area.


Plantula coffee merges the benefits of the earth and the love of the  coffee grower  into  the quality and specialty of the coffee to taste. 


Plantula Cafe is imported to the UK exclusively by From-Am Ltd.


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