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Variety: Colombia / Caturra / Castillo

Origin: Circasia, Quindio, Colombia

Process: Washed

Flavour: Clean with notes of bitter chocolate

Aroma: Caramel with notes of honey

Acidity: Medium citric

SCA Cupping Score: 84

Elevation (metres): 1500 - 1800


Cafe Cristales is the realisation of a dream, built on the backdrop of the love story between Swiss Jean and Colombian Nubia.


After meeting Nubia, who comes from a family of coffee growers, Jean moved to Colombia in 2007 and together, started to work in what would become Cafe Cristales.


Their estate, situated on the western side of the Colombian central mountain chain and within the biodiversity corridor of the Quindio valley, is protected by more than 500 native trees of more than 30 species. Their shade help to preserve the flora, fauna and soil quality.


And it is Quality, Transparency and Honesty the principles under which their coffee is grown.

This allowed them to receive the Rainforest and UTZ certification stamps.


Café Cristales, fruit of the love of a couple, who, with dedication, time, learning and a lot of passion, transformed those scarlet red beans into a delicious and delicate drink that makes them dream.


Cafe Cristales is imported and distributed in the UK by From-Am Ltd, exclusively.




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